Deep Stack Poker Club No Abuse Policy

It’s simple:  Any player that is verbally or physically aggressive towards any server, player or tournament director will be asked to leave the tournament.  First time will get you a warning, 2nd time will get you a final warning, and 3rd time will give you a 3 month suspension from playing at any and all Deep Stack Poker Club events–including fundraisers.

Anyone caught cheating will be suspended for 3 months immediately!  Cheating is defined as claiming food chips when you haven’t purchased food, claiming to have brought a friend when you don’t know the person, bringing in extra chips or taking chips off the table.

Yes, poker is competitive, yes people are drinking….and yes, we are still asking you to remember to play nice with one another like we used to in the sandbox. 

If you want to know what is considered abusive–disrespecting location or DSPC property, yelling/cursing at players/servers/staff. Continuously walking tabs, and continuously behaving in an aggressive manner towards players, servers or staff.

We want new players to come back!  And not let a few bad apples keep players away!

Deep Stack Poker Club is committed to providing the highest caliber tournaments in Austin that can be used as a training ground for winning professional tournaments.  Players can play to have fun and socialize with like minded people, win prizes or hone their poker skills!

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  1. But what if the bar staff I’m abusing is a friend of mine and we like to give each other crap? 😉

    Seriously, though, thanks for posting this, and thanks for having these rules. The place I used to play poker had rampant cheating which is why I never go there anymore.

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