Exciting Changes for 2012!

After much careful thought and consideration, I have decided to make a few changes that will hopefully be better for the league, the players, and the venues! 

The new season begins tonight, and instead of 16 week seasons, Deep Stack Poker Club is going to go to 8 week seasons—with bar championships.  The only way to play in the bar championships will be to actually play at that location and get points over the 8 weeks.  You won’t see many bonus points, just bonus chips.  Players will be rewarded for their loyalty to their favorite locations.  The final table winners of each championship will move to the next tier.  The breakdowns are as follows:

Third Base Downtown (all nights)

Third Base Southpark

Waterloo Escarpment & Warehouse Saloon

My Place & Waterloo 360

By doing this, players that are loyal to locations will be rewarded more quickly.

Another bonus that is going to be implemented is the “impromptu” traveling prize! At any game, at any venue, at any time,  it may be that extra prizes from $25 – $50 are added to the prizes that night.  If you don’t get the text, you might want to sign up.  More often than not though, these bonuses will not be announced in advance.  If you happen to be playing that night–you are in luck!!

Good Luck!!!

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