Click  below  to check your standings in the league! 


If you verify your name, you can customize your leaderboard page with an avatar and other cool stuff. Just find your name and click!

And for those of you that are competitive, you can even share your standings on Facebook or Twitter by creating an account!

If there are any errors, please email me at Gin.pokergirl@gmail.com

Thanks for playing!!!


  1. First to post! Check me out on the leaderboard – currently #11. Watch out if you see me on final tables around the city of Austin cuz I am one sinister SOB when it comes to free poker lol

    • Love this league Gin and the way its turned out. The people are great and I actually have more fun playing poker now. Keep up the great work!

  2. wat a great league we have and great competitors love it bring it on ur the best gin i hve 3 wishes rite

  3. sweet league were the best out tere thanks gin

  4. Gin,

    You run a great league. Fun people to play poker with…no hassles! You do a great job on the charity poker tournaments, also. Keep up the great work!


  5. Mary Ellen Villarreal

    Thanks Gin. I am glad to be back in the leaque. Didn’t realize how much I missed playing the game. I appreciate your professionalizem,and consistency.

  6. Having a great time. So good to have a well run league.

  7. Daniel Salazar

    I’ve been with league 5 to 6 yes add up all my points n I’m happy I’ve met great friends tht r like family to me tere is nothing better than this league #1

  8. julesaguilar@gmail.com

    Its been over a year and a half and your league is still strong and AMAZING! Love it and all the people in it!

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