Westwood Gastropub:  7:30pm  $100 prize   



            Third Base Southpark Meadows:  6:30pm  $100 prize

                                                                  25+ players = $100



            Third Base Southpark Meadows:  6:30pm  $50 prize &

                                                                9:15pm $75 prize


           Westwood Gastropub:  7:30pm  $100 prize   


            Baker St. Pub: 7pm $100 prize

  1. Anthony Ortega

    I thought the name was “Jen”?

  2. First timer last night at Third Base. Gin was great, the players were great and I had an awesome time! Looks like I found a new hobby.

  3. Anthony Ortega

    Lots of us work nights. Samsung, AMD, Spherion, Hospira, Freescale, etc…

    So how about a Day time Deep Stack Poker game? North, South, East or West doesn’t matter to me. I would be there.

  4. Im hoping to get a deep stack shirt tonight…or is it just an order I need to put in?

  5. David & Duane Deninger

    We had a great time playing poker on Valentine’s day at 3B Southpark. You make DSPC fun and that is why we keep coming back!

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