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Spring & Summer 2017 Quarterly Tournaments-Saturday, 4/14 Noon

Who is ready to play?  This tournament will include the top 50 players from the 2 seasons from 4/17-9/30/17.

If you didn’t start playing with Deep Stack Poker until late in the year, you may qualify for the 10/17-12/31/17 tournament to be held soon after this one.

The annual Top 100 Deep Stack Poker Tournament will be held in June!  Watch for the list and date to be announced soon!

April – June list:  2017B list   Congratulations to Tony S. on being the #1 point earner!

July – September list: 2017C list  Congratulations to John M. on being the #1 point earner!

The tournament will be held at Third Base NW!  Registration begins at 12noon!  Good Luck!



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