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Deep Stack Poker Club No Abuse Policy

It’s simple:  Any player that is verbally or physically aggressive towards any server, player or tournament director will be asked to leave the tournament.  First time will get you a warning, 2nd time will get you a final warning, and 3rd time will give you a 3 month suspension from playing at any and all Deep Stack Poker Club events–including fundraisers.

Anyone caught cheating will be suspended for 3 months immediately!  Cheating is defined as claiming food chips when you haven’t purchased food, claiming to have brought a friend when you don’t know the person, bringing in extra chips or taking chips off the table.

Yes, poker is competitive, yes people are drinking….and yes, we are still asking you to remember to play nice with one another like we used to in the sandbox. 

If you want to know what is considered abusive–disrespecting location or DSPC property, yelling/cursing at players/servers/staff. Continuously walking tabs, and continuously behaving in an aggressive manner towards players, servers or staff.

We want new players to come back!  And not let a few bad apples keep players away!

Deep Stack Poker Club is committed to providing the highest caliber tournaments in Austin that can be used as a training ground for winning professional tournaments.  Players can play to have fun and socialize with like minded people, win prizes or hone their poker skills!

Win Your Way to the Golden Nugget Beer Festival!

Deep Stack Poker Club will be hosting a fundraiser for Austin family relief. 1st and 2nd place prizes will be 2 – 2night hotel stay + festival tickets!

Fundraiser will be at Third Base Downtown, Wed, September 21.  Registration will begin at 3pm, and tournament will begin around 430pm.  Working that day?  Not to worry!  Blind structure will be slow and late entries will be accepted til 7:00pm.

The 1st Annual Deep Stack Poker Beer Festival Tournament will be a charity tournament.

If you are a business and would like to donate prizes, please email me at

Thank you to Austin Brew Bus for their donation!

You can also donate 2 grocery bags of canned goods for $20K extra in chips!

Click here for more information about the Beer Festival

Click here for more information about the tournament.

Are you going to be the winner?  Start looking at your airfare for Vegas 10/14-15!!

Who Says There Isn’t a Casino in Texas?

I made the 4.5 hour drive to Eagle Pass yesterday for the first time to check it out for myself, and I was pleasantly surprised by the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino.  Mind you, I have never been to Eagle Pass and had no idea that it was so close to Mexico.  My first clue that something was different in the area, was the military like checkpoint on the way out—I didn’t recognize the uniforms and was informed later that it was border patrol!  No—not on the border—about 20 miles inland and coming towards San Antonio on 57.  Interesting…but since the situation borders on politics–we’ll just stick to the facts—-and today, I had to show ID, have my car sniffed by a drug dog and answer that I am a US citizen!!!  (I don’t remember leaving Texas or the US?)

The poker room is nice, the chairs are fantastically comfortable, and I played 3-6 Limit for a total of 6 hours, earned 500 comp points per hour and cashed out $250 on top of my original $40 buy-in.  Haven’t played Limit in awhile, and once I switched gears, I felt like it was easy money.  Until the drinking gets under way and everyone is raising every turn–I should have walked away–especially when the dealer didn’t know what a dead raise was! (I later found out that the poker room supervisor doesn’t know either!)  So, I gave some money to people I would rather not have, but overall, I came home a winner.

Yes, I will go again….this casino is in its infancy—like Winstar once was—but the people are very nice, everything in the casino is clean, they have 1800 slot machines, and the food from the cafe was delicious!  Free sodas and coffee–you have to buy ice tea and alcohol.  Its not going to be for everyone due to no table games, and size of casino—but I enjoyed my one day trip!

Next stop is going to be Winstar!

Another Successful July 4th in Vegas!

Everyone had a great time and almost everyone came home a winner!  Congrats to Mark for winning his trip to Vegas at the June 12 Deep Stack Poker Bash, and turning that win into a win at the Golden Nugget on July 4th!  Austin now has two winners ( Ruth Hall) from Austin during the Grand Series of Poker!  Several people cashed during the Caesar’s Deep Stack tournament, and of course lots of cash was to be had in the various poker rooms!

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